06 October 2007

Abstract Household #2

Just a few more shots from around the house... I'm also playing with larger display sizes. I'm not sure what the web standard is (or if there is a "standard" at all), but the larger versions of these are 700 x 525 pixels -- a bit more generous than my previous 400 x 337. Click on the image to see the larger version in a new window.

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Photo Sharing at Photobucket

Photo Sharing at Photobucket

Abstract Household #1 can be seen here.


Steven LaRose said...

The top image is priceless.

It took me minutes to figure out what was going on , and even then, it flipped back into beauty.

Helquin said...

Ah, thank you: you have stated more precisely what I was struggling to say in the later Stolen Idea III post about patina. It's an ambition I don't often accomplish, but the most successful patina images provoke that disorientation about "what's going on" so that beauty isn't mediated by our reflex to name, categorize and file away. I think some of Steve Durbin's patina photographs just ache with that kind of immediate/unmediated beauty.

I'm hoping my own snapshots will start to nudge my painting in that direction...