16 September 2007

Ideas & Objects

"Ideas must be put to the test. That's why we make things, otherwise they would be no more than ideas. There is often a huge difference between an idea and its realisation. I've had what I thought were great ideas that just didn't work."
~ Andy Goldsworthy (link: portfolio at Cass Sculpture Foundation)

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"My sculpture can last for days or a few seconds -- what is important to me is the experience of making."
~ Andy Goldsworthy (link: Artnet page)

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"One of the beauties of art is that it reflects an artist's entire life. What I've learned over the past 30 years is really beginning to inform what I make. I hope that process continues until I die."
~ Andy Goldsworthy (link: profile in Smithsonian magazine, 2005)

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"[Andy] Goldsworthy basically embraces the traditional goal of art -- that is, he wants to add interesting objects to the world."
~ Deborah Solomon, "Stone Diarist" (New York Times, Sunday Magazine, 16 May 2004)


nicci said...

you have to love a man who makes sculptures with ice, using his urine as glue.

Helquin said...

These contemporary art-stars do love their bodily fluids, huh?

I'm struck by the sheer patience involved in his work. Now that leaves are starting to change, I thought I'd do some kind of Goldsworthy homage on one of my afternoon walks... but I soon realized that the process of gathering & arranging could easily become an all-day affair.

More power to him, though. Seeing his work has brought a new level of awareness to the time I spend walking through the woods.