21 September 2007

Snack Time

LOLTHULHU (via PZ Myers, Pharyngula)

California-based artist Seyed Alavi's "Flying Carpet" installation at the Sacramento Airport "depicts an aerial view of the Sacramento River."

Simple vs. Complex
Steve Durbin, at Art & Perception, asks: "Where do your tastes fall on the simple - complex continuum? Do pictures you like tend to be towards one end or the other? Does your preference extend to other arts, like film, literature, or music?"

Warhol vs. Wilde
"For anyone who was paying attention, Andy Warhol changed the rules for art and ushered in new times. The simplest way to put it is that he made it possible -- with the soup cans and the Brillo boxes and the silkscreens of famous movie stars -- to make art from the world of consumer goods, the world that we've all actually been living in for a few generations now. Some people still don't want to forgive him for that. But, in the end, all he was doing was telling the truth. His best work is great because of how deeply Warhol was willing to accept that we live in the world that we do."
~ Morgan Meis, "Damien Hirst's Memento Mori"

"...[I]f something cannot be done to check, or at least to modify, our monstrous worship of facts, Art will become sterile, and beauty will pass away from the land."
~ Oscar Wilde, "The Decay of Lying"

Why be an artist?
Gavin Turk goes "on a little meander: wondering about art's purpose, tracing the use of art within the landscape of art history."

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