13 September 2007

The Situationists

"Their goal was to destroy the barriers that separated art and everyday life, end the boredom of our passive way of life and make way for a grand and playful revolt by a liberated people."
~ Kristoffer Haggren, "The Situationist International: A Brief History of Inspiration" (at Interacting Arts)

"Modern capitalism and its spectacle allot everyone a specific role in a general passivity. The student is no exception to the rule. He has a provisional part to play, a rehearsal for his final role as an element in market society as conservative as the rest. Being a student is a form of initiation."
~ U.N.E.F. Strasbourg, On the Poverty of Student Life (1966)

"It goes without saying that one is not limited to correcting a work or to integrating diverse fragments of out-of-date works into a new one; one can also alter the meaning of those fragments in any appropriate way, leaving the imbeciles to their slavish reference to 'citations.'"
~ Guy Debord & Gil J. Wolman, "A User’s Guide to D├ętournement" (1956)

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