07 February 2008

A Human Constant

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Giles Lyon, "Strange Days" (2003); acrylic on canvas, 76" x 74"
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"I predict that painting will outlast techno-industrial civilization -- unless humanity changes in very radical ways how it relates to our planet. In other words, even if the species hangs on somehow and doesn’t destroy everything, painting will still be there. Just like writing and singing and dancing and storytelling around a fire. Painting and looking at handmade images are a human constant."
~ Giles Lyon (b. 1967)

Giles Lyon at Kinz, Tillou + Feigen gallery
Giles Lyon interview at Henri Art Magazine (30 January 2008)
Giles Lyon on Artnet


tackad said...

Really ! That whole thing about painting being dead was quite an elitist and conceited opinion by the critiques and also the artists who thought that they had plumbed the depts of that occupation. As long as there are walls to be decorated and as long as babies are being born - some of whom will want to paint, there will be painting.

Helquin said...

Now that I've lived long enough to witness the proclaimed deaths of poetry, the novel, painting, theater, the sitcom, disco, and God, I'm starting to wonder if anything truly dies. But you're right: as long as there are humans being born, there will be more than a few who want to make their mark on the walls.