19 February 2008

ConFest: 1 to 6

Inspired by Mark Cameron Boyd's 101 Conceptual Art Ideas, I've been brainstorming my own little list. Whether I'll reach 101 or not is anyone's guess. Note: I do not have a Fine Arts degree, so my concepts may be invalid, risible, or otherwise unsuitable for human consumption.

Concept #1:
Represent political candidates as condiments

Make a color without a name

Design a uniform for nonconformists

Design a symbol for meaninglessness

Portray a dramatic situation, using just three eggs

Design a monument commemorating all that has been forgotten


gwensmom said...

Hahaha! 3,4 and 6 crack me up! This would be a good zine topic.

Helquin said...

I embrace laughter as a valid response to conceptualism! I am exploring your socio-political identity in a post-reflective temenos of transgressive levity.

gwensmom said...

Uh, ok!

Helquin said...

In the immortal words of the great philosopher Gram'ma Funk: "I see you baby, shakin' that crypto-textual problematic."

Good to see you, G-mom! You're such a good sport! Say hi to Nervous People for me.