06 January 2008

Life Lesson

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"Gravity" (2006, oil on wood panel, 48" x 36")
by Darren Waterston (b. 1965)
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"Just as I'm getting the image down, I feel it can almost slip away into something else instantly. If you turned your head, the painting might just keep evolving. They're very volatile in that way…there's only so much I can do, and then at a point I have to acquiesce. That's the part of the studio practice that for me is always a powerful life lesson."
~ Darren Waterston, from an interview with Jacquelynn Baas on August 18, 2003.


Steven LaRose said...

This "Gravity" jpg is brilliant! It raises the bar.

Helquin said...

He's got a damned impressive portfolio. He's got something of a following, too, apparently -- but I had never heard of him before Jacques de Beaufort mentioned him in your blog comments last week. Good tip.