25 January 2008

Opiate of the Messes

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Francis Picabia, "Edtaonisl (Clergyman)"
1913; oil on canvas, 118.75" x 118.25"; Art Institute of Chicago.
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Francis Picabia, 1879-1953.
The Cubists want to cover Dada with snow; that may surprise you, but it is so, they want to empty the snow from their pipe to bury Dada.

Are you sure?

Perfectly sure, the facts are revealed by grotesque mouths. They think that Dada can prevent them from practising this odious trade: Selling art expensively.

Art costs more than sausages, more than women, more than everything.

Art is visible like God! (see Saint-Sulpice.)

Art is a pharmaceutical product for imbeciles.
~ from Francis Picabia's "Dada Manifesto" (1920), as translated in Manifesto: A Century of Isms, by Mary Ann Caws

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Anonymous said...

Manzoni, "Socle du Monde": le piédestal, dump, détient le monde. Maintenant, tout est une œuvre d'art.

"Chariot du monde (après Manzoni)": le chariot, dépotoir,détient le monde. Maintenant, tout devient une marchandise.